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Welcome to Flowtite SA

FLOWTITE SA is the sole manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa of FLOWTITE™ glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipes and fittings. We manufacture pipe and fittings locally in South Africa for the use in potable, raw, sea, industrial, waste, sewer and bulk water applications.

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Why choose GRP pipes

GRP features many superior advantages and beneficial characteristics. It has a low weight with a high mechanical strength, resistance against chemicals and corrosion (thanks to its non-conductive properties also electrolytic corrosion), UV radiation and temperature stability, and environmental friendliness.

Long service life

Reliable operational service life of over 150 years


Global use and acceptance by major water and sewage authorities all around the world

Corrosion resistance over a wide pH range

GRP pipes have no electrolytic corrosion and require no cathodic or other type of protection

Light weight and convenient length

GRP pipes weigh only 1/4 of ductile iron pipes and 1/10 of concrete pipes

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Flowtite GRP pipe systems are used in many applications. They can be found in the transmission of drinking water, in sewage applications and irrigation, in power plants as well as in trenchless and industrial applications.


Sewer and stormwater systems that will never corrode

Potable water

Safe supply of clean drinking water for generations

Trenchless applications

The perfect option for 24-hour-cities to install without disruption

Irrigation and raw water

A bigger crop with less water, whatever the weather



Pipes designed for generations

World-class GRP pipes and fittings to sustainably solve the world’s water and sewer challenges.

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