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GRP Advantages

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Why Switch To Flowtite GRP Pipes

GRP features many superior advantages and beneficial characteristics. Below are the advantages of GRP pipes.
  • Reliable operational service life of over 150 years
  • Global use and acceptance by major water and sewage authorities all around the world
  • Fully automated production process, allowing for each pipe to be manufactured with the specific properties required for its application and operation demands
  • High stiffness classes available (e.g. for areas with weaker soils)
  • Light weight and convenient length. GRP pipes weigh only ¼ of ductile iron pipes and 1/10 of concrete pipes. This leads to considerable savings through reduced transport, nesting, handling, and installation costs
  • Lower surge and water hammer pressure due to low surge wave celerity
  • Corrosion resistance over a wide pH range
  • No electrolytic corrosion. GRP pipes require no cathodic or other type of protection
  • Ability to withstand high longitudinal compressive loads (2-3 times higher than concrete) that occur during pipe jackingGRP pipes require no cathodic or other type of protection
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Excellent hydraulic flow characteristics. Smooth internal pipe surface, resulting in significantly lower friction than with other materials


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