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Flowtite South Africa
Flowtite South Africa

Leading manufacturer in GRP Pipes

Flowtite pipes are produced worldwide by more than 40 specialised production lines. Flowtite plants are modern, efficient and reliable, located strategically on 5 continents of the world. Raw materials are delivered with vendor certification demonstrating their compliance with Flowtite quality requirements. In addition, all raw materials are sample tested prior to their use. These tests ensure that the pipe materials comply with the specifications as stated.

All pipes are subjected to the following Mechanical Tests:
– Visual Inspection
– Barcol Hardness
– Wall Thickness
– Section length
– Diameter
– Hydrostatic leak tightness test to twice rates pressure for all pressure pipes.

During the manufacturing process samples are taken and checked on a regular basis, the following Physical Tests (control checks) are performed:

Pipe Stiffness Test
This test determines the initial stiffness of the pipe using parallel plate loading device on a short length of pipe. The sample will be placed under stress 2 hours after it was produced. This test will determine the full laminate hoop load capacity, pressure is applied at a constant rate to the section of pipe until it reaches the desired deflection. This will range between 9 % – 25% of the diameter based on the stiffness class of the pipe. When deflected to this ratio the test ring will show no surface cracks which is viewed by a penetrating liquid. Failure is defined as structural failure through delimitation and rupture.
Axial Tensile Load Capacity Test
The axial tensile test method is done on all pipe samples and tests the longitudinal strength of the pipe and elongation to break.
Circumferential Tensile Test
The hoop tensile test method is performed 300mm diameter pipes and above and determines the minimum conformity of the pipe’s circumferential strength specification.
Loss of Ignition Test
This test determines the loss on ignition of glass fibre hoop and chop rovings. A weighed sample taken during production is placed into the furnace at 610° C for 30 minutes, it is weighed again and the loss on ignition is equal to the content of size and finish on the glass fibre. This is measured against our manufacturing recipe to ensure that correct proportions of raw materials are used.


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