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Flowtite South Africa offers a range of value-added services that are designed to support our technology and provide tangible benefits to our clients from using our technology
Flowtite South Africa

Value Added Services


In addition to products of high quality FLOWTITE South Africa assists with advisory services through our sales engineering department to select the most suitable material for the conditions of the specific project. Support is given during the design process to ensure that the design caters for all the requirements as pertained in our brochures. We offer tailor made solutions on our fitting range and can assist with the designing of a combination of fittings to suit your environment.

Value Added Services

Field Services

Flowtite South Africa understands the need to empower our local communities and with our skills transfer programme our field technicians assist the contractors in upskilling locally employed unskilled staff. Our dedicated field services department ensures that the construction teams have the requisite skills and are equipped on how to install GRP Pipes and Fittings in accordance to SANS1200LB, our installation manual and best practices.

Flowtite South Africa

We provide assistance throughout the duration of the project as well as onsite technical support to continually ensure that the correct installation procedures are followed leading to the optimal use of our products.

The Field Service Technician will develop a Quality Control Plan with the contractor and implement the construction process according to this Quality Control Plan. This is intended to manage the quality of the installation process and to manage any deviations that may pose a risk to the quality of the installation/ construction. This will attribute to a pipeline which will last much longer than the design life of 150 years.

GRP pipes are maintenance free but FLOWTITE do provide emergency repair training for the clients who will be responsible for the repair of mechanical damage to the pipes.

During the lifespan of our pipes we offer the maintenance department of all customers free training to maintain the existing 1500 projects already installed in Sub-Saharan Africa using Flowtite GRP Pipes. The assistance during installation and training are always supplied free of charge. In countries outside of South Africa subsistence and travel may be for the clients account.

Considerations for the engineer

Design considerations for Flowtite GRP pipes

Experience and research and 70 000km of installed piping have provided Flowtite engineers with reliable and accurate knowledge of how to design pipelines.
The most important data to be considered by the structural engineers.

Flow Calculations
Flowtite South Africa

The most economical flow velocity in pipes is usually 2 – 3 m/s. This is also the case for Flowtite pipes. The maximum recommended flow velocity is 5 m/s. Flowtite pipelines sustain velocities of up to 8 m/s if the water is clean and contains no abrasive material. Flowtite Amitools flow calculation will help engineers to estimate the appropriate pipe diameter.

Hydraulic Roughness

Pipe roughness influence the hydraulic properties of pipes. Flowtite pipes have an extremely smooth pipe interior and remain consistently smooth over time. Please see the pipe overview in this brochure for hydraulic roughness of the Flowtite pipe range.

Surge and Water Hammer
Flowtite South Africa

The most important factors influencing the water hammer pressure in a pipe system are the stiffness of the pipe in the hoop direction, the change in velocity of the fluid, the rate of change of the velocity (valve closing time), compressibility of the fluid, and physical layout of the pipe system. The maximum water hammer pressure expected for Flowtite pipes is approximately 50 % of that for steel and ductile iron pipes in similar conditions.

Angular Deflection on Joints
Flowtite South Africa

The maximum angular deflection (turn) at each coupling joint, taking the combined vertical and horizontal deflection into consideration, and measured as the change in adjacent pipe center lines, shall not exceed 3 degrees. The pipes shall be joined in straight alignment and thereafter deflected angularly as required.

Operating Temperature
Flowtite South Africa

Flowtite pipes may be used with operating temperature from -50 to +70 °C. Requirements in the inter-national pipe standards require a consideration for pressure rerating above 35 °C. At temperatures above 50 °C, vinyl ester resins are often recommended. Flowtite pipes may be used up to operating temperatures of 70 °C with appropriate consideration to pipe design, materials usage and gasket materials.

Traffic Loads
Flowtite South Africa

All backfill to grade should be compacted when continuous traffic loads are present. Minimum cover restrictions may be reduced with special installations such as concrete encasement, concrete cover slabs or casings.

Negative Pressure (Vacuum)
Flowtite South Africa

Negative pressure, or vacuum, may occur in pipelines. Flowtite recommends that a stiffer Flowtite pipe is used if high negative pressure is expected.

High Ground Water Table
Flowtite South Africa

A minimum of 0.75 times the diameter of earth cover with minimum dry soil bulk density of 1 900 kg/m3 is required to prevent an empty submerged pipe from floating. Alternatively, the installation may proceed by anchoring the pipes. Consult your Flowtite manufacturer for details on anchoring.

High Pressure

High pressure (>16 bar) may require a deeper bury to prevent uplift and movement. The minimum burial should be 1.2 metres for pipes DN 300 and larger, and 0.8 metres for smaller diameters.

Chemical Exposure

Standard Flowtite pipes sustain excellent properties in contact with clean and dirty water, including sea water. However, re-rating and material selection must be considered if the pipe is to be used in contact with chemicals, process water or contaminated ground waters, with and without elevated operating and design temperatures. Flowtite have special pipe designs for most chemicals, including process water from pulp and paper industry.


Design considerations for Flowtite GRP pipes

Flowtite Pipeline Design tools give the engineer the necessary support for designing pipelines worldwide. AMITOOLS is an online service offering software tools for static calculation of buried pipes and hydraulic calculation.
Register and apply for your personal license at www.ami-tools.net


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